Block Paving Sealant

If you would like to protect your new or existing block paving from weed growth and oil stains, which can occur from cars, then you may wish to invest in a block paving sealant.

If you are going to apply block paving sealant, then there are a couple of things to do before you do so.

Block Paving Before Sealant

New Block Paving Preparation

There are many ways to prepare if you are about to have a new block pavement and some of which include:

  • Ensuring the block paving is clean as well as dust free and that no efflorescence is present. Efflorescence is surface whiteness. If efflorescence is present, ensure it is treated with efflorescence remover, and then wash it down thoroughly with clean water.
  • To allow the treatment to work properly allow 4 – 6 weeks to ensure that efflorescence does not re-appear.

Existing Block Paving Preparation

  • All forms of paving must be clean, free of stains, algae, weeds and dust for optimum results.
  • If you do want the best results, treat paving with fungicidal wash prior to cleaning with a pressure washer.

For both new and existing block paving, ensure that the paves are dry. You can do this by scraping out the sand between the blocks. If the sand is thoroughly dry, the blocks will be ready for sealing.

Please note: Ensure there is no rain forecast for at least 8 hours so your block paving sealant can dry properly.

Block paving sealant comes with many benefits and some of which include:

  • Acts as a weed inhibitor for block paving
  • Improves oil stain resistance to block paved surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Hard wearing
  • Long lasting

Application of Block Paving Sealant

When you are applying block paving sealant, we advise that you wear protective gloves, a mask and suitable clothing at all times.

For maximum protection, we advise applying 2 layers of block paving sealer and leave approximately 2 hours in between each application. If possible, it is advised to apply both coats of block paving sealer on the same day.

Maintenance of Block Paving Sealant

All block paving sealants are designed to help minimise maintenance for you as the home / land owner, however some degree of maintenance is essential due to the build-up of algae and moss etc.

Block paving sealant are designed to be re-applied as and when required. We advise that to keep your block paving sealant in top condition, it should be re-applied between every 3-5 years. When re-applying the block paving sealant make sure the pavement is clean and free of grease.